Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shake, shake, shake.... Shake, shake, shake....

Shake your Booty!!!

We had so much fun last weekend at our friends Justin and Megan's wedding. The reception was a blast. It was held at Will Rogers Theatre....such a neat venue! Carolina danced the night away. She was out there for a good 2 hours, squealing with delight. She danced, galloped, skipped, ran, turned circles, and shook her booty to her hearts content! She had a ball.
Congrats Justin and Megan!

I'm sooo excited, and I just can't hide it!
Boom, boom, clap. Boomdee clapdeeclap!

Celebrate good times, Come on!

Cha Cha Ya'll

Wassup with you duds? This is a party peeps!

Ahhh....taking a breather!

Winding down....

Time for Peek-a-boo!


NABF State Champ....

We are so proud of Gavy Gav and the rest of the STEAL team. These little guys are on fire. They have yet to have a tball practice. And the are kicking some tail in machine pitch as well. We have another state tourney this weekend, and then the WORLD SERIES in July!

Daddy is having a ball coaching this great bunch!

Do you see this crazy mop?

I tell ya what.....We have some SERIOUS hair at our house. I'm ever so grateful my beautiful daughter did not get my straight and stringy hair. I was shocked as I waited and waited for her hair to change color and for her eyes to STAY blue, but alas...the eyes changed, the hair did not! I think I was a bit bummed that I didn't have the blonde haired blue eyed daughter I just knew I would have....but I'm so glad she is who she is. She has some gorgeous locks! Her hair is the color of her daddy's (when he had hair). It's getting lighter and lighter...just a gorgeous brunette. I'm so incredibly happy that she got the curls from Daddy's side. I was stressed about having to do little girl hair.....I can't even get my own hair to do what I want! :) Carolina's hair needs water....and after you see these pics, you'll see why we ALWAYS need a bow!

Having a serious talk with Daddy about crackers!
See what I mean?? This was right after naptime.

Looks like a wig, huh?!
Ahhhh....bows make me happy!

Our first attempt at pigtails! Is she not the cutest?!

Friday, April 24, 2009

18 month old photoshoot! :)

Go to to see the pics we had taken last weekend of Carolina. The girl that did them, Rebecca Manney, is wonderful with kiddos and is a self-trained photog! She is wonderful. So, if you are ever in the Weatherberry area...make an appt! It is well worth the trip to that cute little town!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter then and now....

Easter 2008 (34 and 5 1/2 months)
Easter 2009 (35 and 18 months)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New News

Let's see.......

Wesley is really getting into his golf now that he isn't in baseball anymore. Daddy has him signed up for 5 JCGTournaments this summer. He is going to be just like his daddy and make the golf course his second home. Wesley is doing well in third grade. He doesn't like to read much and does just the minimum to get by with that, but he is very smart and exceeds in everything he does. He's been doing fact masters and completed many levels of addition and subtraction.

Gavin is loving Skyview and has become quite the social butterfly. When we walk in the school doors in the morning in is greeting everyone he sees....and usually by name. He has been getting to go the "treasure box" at school alot lately. He even got chosen to play kickball with the principal b/c he was doing the right thing in class when others weren't! :) Gavin also made the local newspaper. He had to dress up like a 100 yr old man for 100 day celebration in his class. He, just like his brother, is very smart. He's been reading books to me left and right, without any help!

Carolina.....WOW! She's just a little go-getter. She has octopus hands and is into everything! She has now figured how to climb up on just about anything in our house! She is a pistol...she runs so fast, half the time I cant' catch her! She is talking like crazy and still loves to sing songs. We listen to a little CD on the way to school every morning called "Bullfrogs and Butterflies". It's a kids christian music CD. She will just all of sudden one day burst out in one of the songs and sing along at the top of her lungs. She signs please so much now....we are working on Thank you. She used to say it all the time...but now she forgets the thanks! :) She has also started joining in on asking the blessing with us before each meal. It is adorable.

At the doctor today she weighed 24.7lbs and was 31 in. long. I really thought she was pretty short for her age (16 months), but both the nurse and doctor commented on her being a "tall" little girl.

I'm a rambler, sorry. I just talk on and on, with no regard for paragraph formation, etc. Oh well, deal with it! It's my blog! :)

She's got us all wrapped!!!

Too Cute!
I never dreamed I'd have a thick-haired, curly headed, BRUNETTE for my baby girl!!! But isn't she a doll!!! :)
I only look innocent!
Mommy using this camera all the time...she's funny! :)